Refactored Plus All Missing CS ANSI Tests In SIF 
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 Refactored Plus All Missing CS ANSI Tests In SIF

I've posted the Camp Smalltalk (CS) ANSI Tests in Smalltalk
Interchange Format (SIF) for Dolphin 3.0 and Squeak 2.7 in one ZIP
file for each dialect.  They are now available for downloading at my
new web page location:

        http://www.*-*-*.com/ ~raharmon/

This is my refactored and completed version the work by the CS II ANSI
test group that Ralph E. Johnson sent out as consolidated in
VisualWorks file format on 2000/07/26 I previously posted.  I
organized this work in seven projects as follows:

        ANSI Compatibility Project
        Portability/Useful Project
        SIF Project
        CS SUnit Testing Framework 3.0 (on SourceForge)
        System Protocols Project
        CS SUnit Protocols Testing Framework
        CS ANSI Compatibility Tests

I reworked the Dolphin and Squeak versions of Eric Arseneau's SIF 2.0
into a SIF 3.0 version that now creates respectively a package or a
change set on file in, and build the items from a package or a change
set on file out.  It is about half the size of Eric's SIF 2.0, and
simplified it I hope.

In the ANSI Tests directory I provide my installation code file to
install all files.  Each project has its own install file.

In the ANSI Compatibility directory I provide files of optional method
additions and changes to the dialect base code to fix many of the
dialect's ANSI incompatibilities.

I hope they may be useful as a starting point for a collection of ANSI
Compatibility additions that users of a dialect will develop amongst
themselves.  They include <DateAndTime>, <Duration>, and
<ScaledDecimal> protocol implementations.

WARNING: These are often crude, brute force fixes to find the
dimensions of the dialect's ANSI incompatibilities, and ameliorate
them enough to pass the ANSI Tests.  Some are quite good and some are
very fragile.  I would not use them in production without careful
examination and more testing.

The CS SUnit Testing Framework is assumed to be the new 3.0 version.

Of great interest to me was that the System Protocols Project, the CS
SUnit Protocols Testing Framework, and the CS ANSI Compatibility Tests
installed and ran almost unchanged on Squeak from a SIF package file
out from Dolphin.

The required dialect changes were for the file that associated the
ANSI protocols with a dialect's class objects, and the dialect's
limits on <collection> elements.  These limits I purposely left as a
separate dialect file to try to stay close to the CS effort as much as
possible.  I think the limits could be automatically configured for
each dialect at class initialization, and the CS ANSI Tests reduced to
a single common file.

I hope this version is useful, and as always, I welcome comments and

Richard A. Harmon          "The only good zombie is a dead zombie"

Mon, 13 Oct 2003 06:03:12 GMT  
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