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 Design by Metaphor

As object developers we attempt to create accurate models of real world
systems. Typically this refers to the system our software is developed
to support or replace. Here at Check Solutions we are in the process of
developing a system that will support several distinct real world
implementations and are attempting to define a metaphor that effectively
communicates the design.

For example, metaphors we might use to describe a system that requires
check in/check out of components:
- county library
- tape rental store
- tool rental store
- tool crib at work
- day care center/church nursery.

We would appreciate comments on the chosen metaphor, alternatives that
may come to mind, and general advice/comments on the process of choosing
effective metaphors.

Please tell us what terms, candidate metaphor and object names, come to
This system and its objects:
- represent a units of work
- organize a collection of the work units
- route work units to the appropriate collection
- select work units with specific attributes
- coordinate the routing of work units to processing agents
- coordinate processing activity for completed work units
- coordinate the activity of processing agents
- represent a single processing agent activity
- represent the relationship amount processing agent activities
- gather together a number of related Business Objects


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