ANNOUNCE: VisualAge Usability Assist Tool - VA Assist - Free Trial 
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 ANNOUNCE: VisualAge Usability Assist Tool - VA Assist - Free Trial

New VisualAge Usability Assist Tool Available - VA Assist

Santa Clara CA, June 11 1996 - Objectshare Systems, Inc. announces VA
Assist(tm), a powerful add-on to the Composition Editor in VisualAge
Smalltalk in Windows and OS/2.  VA Assist streamlines most common visual
editing operations and adds many time-saving features.  VA Assist is a
small floating tabbed notebook with 7 pages of toolbar buttons.  With VA
Assist, programmers can work with multiple widgets at once, setting
attachments and styles.  They can morph widgets from one type to
another.  They can filter the display of links to help them understand
the connections in their applications.  VA Assist does not replace or
modify the VA Composition Editor, just makes programmers more

VA Assist does not modify any Composition Editor code and has no effect
on run-time code because it uses only existing protocols and accesses
existing development time data structures in the same way the
Composition Editor does.  All features are completely integrated with
the Composition Editor's undo/redo facility.  VA Assist can be easily
enabled and disabled at any time. VA Assist works in VA Standard and VA
Professional, Windows and OS/2.

VA Assist is priced at $195, and is now shipping.  A free evaluation
version is available at, on the WRAD forum on
CompuServe, and upon request to Objectshare.  The evaluation version is
fully functional, but will work for only 30 days after installation.
Purchase of a license includes a key that will turn the trial version
into the full version.  VA Assist includes free support for the first 90
days and printed documentation.  There are no runtime fees or runtime
code for applications developed with VA Assist.

To obtain more information go to, send e-mail to

408-970-7280 or sending a fax to 408-970-7282.  Objectshare Systems,
Inc., 3160 De La Cruz Blvd., Suite 205, Santa Clara, California


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