Beta-testers needed for metrics tool 
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 Beta-testers needed for metrics tool

Hatteras Software, Inc. will begin beta-testing its metrics tool, OOMetric,
in November.  The initial beta-test environment is Smalltalk/V with/without
Team/V running under OS/2.

OOMetric measures 20+ project and design metrics to help managers, technical
leads and developers effectively engineer better OO systems.  With OOMetric
you have the capability to customize anomaly thresholds, view graphical
and printed results, and compare project sanpshots over time or across
different projects.  If you have not seen our OOMetric demo disk, please
let us know.

The six to eight week beta-test will conclude with a phone survey.  Email
will be the primary communication between beta-testers and the
development team.

If you would like to be a beta-test customer, are willing to install and
use the product within two weeks of receiving it, and want to get an
early start on seeing the benefits that understanding OO metrics can bring
to project quality, please contact us.


Renee Leniz
Marketing & Operations

Sun, 04 May 1997 23:51:47 GMT  
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