NYC ST meeting / Topic: Proxy Pattern in Smalltalk and Java 
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 NYC ST meeting / Topic: Proxy Pattern in Smalltalk and Java

Topic: Proxy Pattern in Smalltalk and Java

This meeting is opened to the general public.

Charles Monteiro will lead a discussion comparing  a typical
implementation of the Proxy pattern in Smalltalk to analogous
implementation in Java.
Demonstrations will use VisualWorks Smalltalk and IBM VisualAge for
Java . Discussion will illustrate how certain inherent functionality to
Smalltalk facilitates
the creation and use of proxies in Smalltalk. Pro's and con's for both
language implementations will be explained.

Time and schedule conflict permitting , Steve Roffman (PocketST team
lead) will continue his discussion on PocketST and the recent port of
the environment to
Squeak. We will discuss the use of the PocketST environment in Squeak
as a platform for our pending PocketST projects.

Meeting will be held from 6:30 to:  8:30 pm , Thursday July 20th, 2000
at IBM Headquarters at 590 Madison (corner of 58 and Madison).

We welcome any suggestions or participants for future discussions.


NYC ST Developer's Group

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