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 Smalltalk Hotline & Consulting Positions - UK

Easel UK need two individuals to work in our Object Studio Group.
The positions are :
Hotline consultant
This is not your normal wear-a-head-set and answer-the-phone-all-day
type of junior hotline position.  We need someone who can get to grips with
Smalltalk (using ENFIN Smalltalk, but experience in any will do), enjoys
a challenge, can investigate problems and solve 'em, likes Windows and wants
to get into cool stuff like OLE2, DSOM, COM, Windows 95 etc.
The job involves helping customers not just on the phone, but on-site too.

OO Consultant
This is a position for fully-fledged consultant who is prepared to help
out in all aspects of our Object Studio Group.  This would involve
training, hotline, pre-sales, on-site mentoring and consulting.
A knowledge of Smalltalk (any flavour will do) is necessary and also
experience of Windows and OS/2 in a programming capacity is important.

Both jobs offer good salaries, pension scheme (after probation period),
death-in-service benefit, stock options and a young, and light working
We are based out of Bracknell and are ideally placed for the M4 corridor.

Note that Easel Corp have recently merged with Vmark Software, now making us
the second largest Smalltalk vendor on the planet, with a $100m turnover.
The future looks GOOD!

Contact :
Andy Deighton
Easel UK
Berkshire RG12 2XH
Tel : +44 (0)1344 304611
Fax : +44 (0)1344 304595

Candidates with a legal right to work in the UK, only please.

Andy Deighton ->

Sat, 09 Aug 1997 19:56:26 GMT  
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