MVC vs. ST/V 
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 MVC vs. ST/V

>>About half a year ago I posted an article here comparing MVC and ST/V
>>frameworks. I'm not sure it is worth reposting, however drop me a note if
>>want to have a look at it, and I'll try to find it then.
>>>As a newcomer to both Smalltalk and this forum, I would like to see

this article.  If there is no other interest in having the article posted to
then a private reply is certainly acceptable.<<<

>Keep in mind the following as you read this stuff: 1) the MVC
>spec as written for Smalltalk-80 is now 15 years old.  We have
>been evolving and improving the paradigm over the last 11 years
>we've been selling Smalltalk.  2) We recently released Visual
>Smalltalk and Visual Smalltalk Enterprise.  Both products now
>include the ApplicationCoordinator frameworks which is further
>improvements.  Vassili's comments will be further out of date.

Perhaps they are somewhat dated, but from his previous post, it seems that
the ST/V approach has some coupling problems that I would prefer to avoid.
 Maybe you would be so kind as to expound on Digitalk's paradigm
improvements with regard to the issue of coupling.

'...and the bits just keep on coming....'

Sat, 26 Jul 1997 03:17:00 GMT  
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