Object Studio 5.0 for Windows 95 announced with Microsoft Launch 95 
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 Object Studio 5.0 for Windows 95 announced with Microsoft Launch 95

Object Studio (formerly ENFIN) was the first development
environment to combine object orientation with client server
orientation. The result is a highly productive, pragmatic tool
for front ending existing systems as well as re-engineering and
developing new applications.

Object Studio 5.0 is designed for Windows 95. Consequently,
application developers can build better quality applications
with more functionality significantly faster. This includes
seamless interoperability with Smalltalk, C++, and Visual Basic

OLE 2.0/COM - Object Studio provides broad support for OLE 2.0
features yet reduces the complexity of adding OLE support to
your application as compared to other 3GL languages. Object
Studio's support for OLE 2.0 enables Object Studio objects \
components \ applications to interoperate with other OLE
enabled components and applications. This significantly extends
the benefits of re-usability of code, offers integration with
"off-the-shelf" desktop applications and ensures a rich supply
of third party add in products. Object Studio 5.0 supports the
following OLE 2.0 functions:

Linking, Embedding and Visual Editing
OLE Custom Controls
OLE Drag & Drop
OLE Automation
OLE Data Transfer
OLE Structured Storage

32 Bit Development Environment - Object Studio 5.0 and Object
Studio 5.0 applications support the 32 bit memory model of
Windows 95 which provides the user with more robust and stable

Multi-Threading - Object Studio 5.0 provides support for
multiple threads (at the operating system level) which enables
several functions to be running simultaneously (e.g. the user
can continue working while the application is retrieving
database or mainframe information in the background).

Long File Names - Object Studio 5.0 supports long file names
which allows the user to assign names which are more indicative
of the contents of the files which increases productivity and
satisfaction with the application.

Install \ Un-install utility - Object Studio 5.0 includes a new
install utility which utilizes the Windows 95 registry. The
un-install utility enables you to completely remove your Object
Studio installation.

Object Studio 5.0 includes numerous other new features to
enhance application development productivity and flexibility.

Object Studio 5.0 and its partner product, Synchronicity,
support gradual migration of legacy systems and yet provide a
comprehensive solution for the design, development and
management of business objects\components which will be the
cornerstone of tomorrow's application development technology.

Surf through my home page for a white paper on this OLE
implementation of Smalltalk, info on Microsoft Launch 95, and
details on the product announcement.

Jeff Sutherland


Tue, 24 Feb 1998 03:00:00 GMT  
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