Interface Objectworks 4.1 with C and FORTRAN 
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 Interface Objectworks 4.1 with C and FORTRAN

Dear Smalltalker,

I am currently using Objectwork 4.1 /Visualwork in a MS-Windows
environment. I want to interface Smalltalk with two numerical
solvers written in fortran and C. The numerical solvers also    
have to communicate between each other. I have tried Microsoft
C with Microsoft FORTAN but the performance is not very good.
So I am looking for a real 32-bit compiler for both C and FORTRAN
who can communicate between each other and also with ST-80 in an
MS-Windows environment.

Objectworks <-----> C <-----> FORTRAN
FORTRAN <------> C

Has somebody in the big Smalltalk world already solved this
interfacing problem ?
If so, would you be so kind to send me some information about the
vendors of these compilers. If possible could you also send some
examples how to interface between ObjectWorks ST/C/FORTAN.
The documentation of ParcPlace on Interfacing C or other external
programs if very poor.

I looking forward to receiving an e-mail.

Thanks in advance.


Tue, 03 Oct 1995 14:54:23 GMT  
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