Image Searcher: searching images without textual keywords. 
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 Image Searcher: searching images without textual keywords.
A prototyped version of `Image Searcher' is now open to the public.
It retrieves images (i.e., icons, graphics, scanned photos) based on
several image analysis techniques. The search is not based on any
pre-associated text descriptions such as file-names or category-names.
It allows you to retrieve images by specifying attributes such as
darkness, color, or shape as selection criteria.

You can get the prototype from:
        is the original distribution kit (for Mac users).
        is almost same as above but will be convenient for UNIX/DOS users.

Other than the source code itself, you need the followings in order to
run the program:
   * `VisualWorks 2.0' (One of most popular Smalltalk system),
   * approximately  60M of disk space, and
   * at least 20M of memory.
It must be frustrating for you if the display cannot handle 256 colors
or more.

The program is developed as a part of the IPA multimedia project,
sponsored by Information Technology Promotion Agency, MITI, Japan. It
is written in Smalltalk by Atsushi Aoki and the source code is
distributed under the terms of `GNU General Public License.'


Software Research Associates, Inc. (Tokyo JAPAN)

Sat, 09 Aug 1997 13:35:14 GMT  
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