ST/V 286 primitive assist code available... 
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 ST/V 286 primitive assist code available...

  (Erich Hermann) whose subject line read: 'accessing DOS memory with
  Smalltalk/V286 R1.1']

I searched my old disks and found some code that may be of interest to
anyone working in V/286 and needing to write primitives.  I have a
template for assembly code with macros to perform real mode processing and
VM interruption in both real and protected modes.  The template is
designed to be used to define primitives but not code them - the
coding is done in C.  There is a C template provided, and a header
file that provides conversion between ST and C small integers,
characters, and boolean values.  The header also provides definitions
for accessing the object instance variables and more.  A handy toolset
for anyone doing primitive work for V/286.

There is also a debug module included that uses the printf() format to
print debug information to the screen *while in Smalltalk*.  As I
recall, it dumps the string onto the top of the screen in graphics
mode - a must for any real debugging.  There is also a dump() function
that dumps memory in hex format (much like 'debug').

The code was written to be used with Turbo Assembler and Turbo C,
compiling into the tiny memory model and then stripped into a loadable
format using the EXE2COM utility, as I recall.

If anyone has interest in this code, email me and I'll send it to you.

I also have a Minesweeper clone written for ST/V as well as about 50
cursor-like images ('Forms').  The Minesweeper stuff is an ENVY
application and if enough pleading and grovelling goes on I'll port it
to straight V/286.


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