Advance Program: Symposium on Software Reusability (SSR '95) 
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 Advance Program: Symposium on Software Reusability (SSR '95)


       ACM-SIGSOFT Symposium on Software Reusability (SSR'95)
                           April 28-30, 1995

                            Co-Located with
          17th Int. Conf. on Software Engineering, ICSE-17
                           April 23-30, 1995

                 Westin Hotel, Seattle, Washington, USA

      Program updates on WWW:   http://www.*-*-*.com/ ~scotth/ssr95.html                                  

SSR'95  is  the  bi-yearly Symposium on Software Reusability  that  is
conducted in conjunction with the International Conference on Software
Engineering.   The objective of this symposium is to provide  a  forum
for  academics  and  practitioners in the areas  related  to  software
reusability to exchange research results, development activities,  and
application experience reports.

            GENERAL CHAIR                 PROGRAM CHAIR
            Mansour Zand                Mansur Samadzadeh
    University of Nebraska-Omaha    Oklahoma State University

STEERING  COMMITTEE:   G. Arango (Schlumberger  Austin  Research),  M.
Griss  (HP  Labs), M. Harandi (Univ. of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign),
M.  Samadzadeh (Oklahoma State Univ.), W. Tracz, Chair (L{*filter*} Federal
Systems), M. Zand (Univ. of Nebraska-Omaha).

EXECUTIVE  COMMITTEE:  M. Zand,  Univ. of Nebraska-Omaha, USA (General
Chair),  M. Samadzadeh,  Oklahoma State Univ., USA (Program Chair), S.  
Isoda, Toyohashi Univ. of Technology, Japan (Asia Chair), J. M. Morel,
Bull Software Development,  France (Europe Chair),  C. Chang, GAK, The
Netherlands (Tutorial Chair), S. Henninger, Univ. of Nebraska-Lincoln,
USA  (Publicity  Chair),  Margaret J. Davis,  Boeing Defense and Space
Group, USA (Local Chair).

                           PROGRAM COMMITTEE

            T. Ajisaka (Japan)         E. Karlsson (Sweden)
            M. Ancona (Italy)          Y. Kobayashi (Japan)
            M. Aoyama (Japan)          J. Larsson (Sweden)
            J. Bieman (USA)            S. Legard (UK)
            R. Brueck (Germany)        M. Lubars (USA)
            R. Conradi (Norway)        A. Mili (Canada)
            M. D'Alessandro (Italy)    R. Mittermeir (Austria)
            V. De Antonellis (Italy)   J. Poulin (USA)
            D. Fafchamps (USA)         D. Reifer (USA)
            J. Favaro (Italy)          D. Ribot (France)
            S. Genolini (Italy)        G. Sanchez (Spain)
            M. Girardi (Switzerland)   M. Simos (USA)
            H. Gomaa (USA)             G. Sindre (Norway)
            G. Goos (Germany)          J. Taramaa (Finland)
            J. Karimi (USA)            H. Tempel (Germany)
                                       K. Yglesias (USA)

                          CORPORATE SPONSORS
                       IBM, Boeing, Schlumberger

                     SSR'95 PRELIMINARY PROGRAM

Friday, April 28
11:00-12:00 Joint Session with ICSE-17:
            "Architectural Issues in Software Reuse:
            It's Not Just the Functionality, It's the Packaging"
            Mary Shaw, Carnegie-Mellon University

01:00-05:00 TUTORIALS

            "Software System Generators, Architectures, and Reuse"
            Presenter: Don Batory, University of Texas

            "Software Reuse Metrics, Reusability Metrics, and Economic Models"
            Presenter: Jeffrey S. Poulin, L{*filter*}Federal Systems

            "Object-Oriented Re-Architecturing of Legacy Systems"
            Presenters: Roland Mittermeir, Rene R. Klosch, and Harald C. Gall
                        University Klagenfurt, and Vienna Univ. of Technology

06:00-08:00 SSR'95 RECEPTION

Saturday, April 29
07:30-08:00 Breakfast


09:15-09:30 Coffee Break

09:30-10:30 SESSION 1A:  Domain Analysis and Engineering

    "Creating Reference Architectures: An Example from Avionics"
    Don Batory, Lou Coglianese, Mark Goodwin, Steve Shafer
    University of Texas and L{*filter*}Federal Systems Company

    "Adaptable, Reusable Code"
    Margaret J. Davis
    Boeing Defense and Space Group

09:30-10:30 SESSION 1B:  Object-Orientation and Reuse

    "Reuse Through Inheritance: A Quantitative Study of C++ Software"
    James M. Bieman and Josephine Xia Zhao
    Colorado State University

    "A Reuse Approach Based on Object Orientation, Its Contributions in the
    Development of CASE Tools"
    Henda Hadjami Ben Ghezala and Farouk Kamoun
    Ecole Nationale des Sciences de l'Informatique (ENSI)

10:30-10:45 Coffee Break

10:45-12:15 PANEL I: "Object-Oriented Reuse"
            Moderator: Martin Griss, HP Labs
            Panelists: Bob Kessler, University of Utah
                       Doug Lea, SUNY Owego
                       Ivar Jacobson, Objectory SA

12:15-01:45 Luncheon Speaker: "Alternative Paradigms for Reuse" (tentative title)
                              David A. Fisher, NIST

01:45-03:15 PANEL II: "Languages and Models for Reusable Components"
            Moderator: Ben Whittle, University of York, UK, CIDER
            Panelists: Jean-Marc Morel, Bull S.A., France, REBOOT
                       Bruce Weide, Ohio State, USA, Resolve
                       Murali Sitarman, West {*filter*}ia Univ., USA, 3C & Resolve
                       Don Batory, University of Texas, USA, P++

03:15-03:30 Coffee Break

03:30-05:00 SESSION 2A:  Reuse Process and Application

    "An Integrated Approach to Software Reuse Practice"
    Eliseo Mambella, Roberto Ferrari, Francesca De Carli, Angela Lo Surdo
    Sodalia S.p.A

    "Reuse with PROTEGE-II: From Elevators to Ribosomes"
    John H. Gennari, Russ B. Altman, and Mark A. Musen
    Stanford University

    "Building Reusable Components in the Public Administration Domain"
    S. Castano, Valeria De Antonellis, and B. Pernici
    Universita di Milano and Politecnico di Milano

03:30-05:00 SESSION 2B:  Formal Approaches

    "Formal Specification of Reusable Interface Objects"
    P.S.C. Alencar, Donald D. Cowan, C.J.P. Lucena, and L.C.M. Nova
    University of Waterloo

    "Specification Matching for Software Reuse: A Foundation"
    Jun-Jang Jeng, George Washington University and
    Betty H.C. Cheng, Michigan State University

    "A Logical Framework for Software Proof Reuse"
    Joshua E. Caplan and Mehdi T. Harandi
    University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Sunday, April 30
07:30-08:00 Breakfast

08:00-10:00 SESSION 3A:  Environments, Techniques, and Tools

    "From Reuse Library Experiences to Application Generation Architectures"
    Stan Jarzabek
    National University of Singapore

    "Automated Support for Software Development with Libraries and Frameworks"
    Albert Schappert, Peter Sommerlad, Wolfgang Pree, C. Doppler,
    and Johannes Kepler
    Siemens AG and Johannes Kepler University of Linz

    "Object Make: A Tool for Constructing Software Systems from Existing
    Software Components"
    Yasuhiro Sugiyama
    Nihon University

    "Reuse Dimensions"
    Liesbeth Dusink and Jan van Katwijk
    Delft University of Technology

08:00-10:00 SESSION 3B:  Repositories and Classification

    "Principles for Writing Reusable Libraries"
    Glenn S. Fowler, David G. Korn, Kiem-Phong Vo
    AT&T Bell Laboratories

    "Modeling Structured Abstracts and the World Wide Web for Retrieval of
    Reusable Components"
    Jeffrey S. Poulin and Keith J. Werkman
    L{*filter*}Federal Systems

    "An Approach to the Classification of Domain Models in Support of
    Analogical Reuse"
    Chung-Horng Lung and Joseph E. Urban
    Arizona State University

    "Location-Independent Naming for Virtual Distributed Software Repositories"
    Shirley Browne, Jack Dongarra, Stan Green, Keith Moore, Theresa Pepin,
    Tom Rowan, Reed Wade, Eric Grosse
    University of Tennessee and AT&T Bell Laboratories

10:00-10:15 Coffee Break

10:15-11:45 PANEL III: Software Reusability on the Internet
            Moderator: Arango, Schlumberger Austin Research
            Panelists: Scott Guthery, Schlumberger Austin Research, and others

12:00-01:30 Luncheon Speaker: "Confessions of a Used Program Salesman"
                              Will Tracz, L{*filter*}Federal Systems

01:30-03:00 SESSION 4A:  Domain Modeling and Engineering

    "Developing Domain Knowledge Through the Reuse of Project Experiences"
    Scott R. Henninger
    University of Nebraska at Lincoln

    "Organization Domain Modeling (ODM): Formalizing the Core Domain Modeling
    Life Cycle"
    Mark A. Simos
    Organon Motives

    "Applying Domain Analysis and Modeling: An Industrial Experience"
    Bobert B. France and Thomas B. Horton
    Florida Atlantic University

01:30-03:00 SESSION 4B:  Concise Papers

    "A Hybrid Approach to Software Reuse"
    Sanjay Bhansali
    Washington State University

    "The Spin-Off Illusion: Reuse Is Not a By-Product"
    Michael Wasmund
    IBM Deutschland Entwicklung GmbH

    "Patterns, Teams, and Domain Engineering"
    Steven Fraser and Deborah Leishman
    Bell-Northern Research, Ltd.

    "Future Research Directions in SW-Reuse: A Broader View of Software Reuse"
    Harald Gall, Mehdi Jazayeri, and Rene Klosch
    Vienna University of Technology

    "Exploiting Domain Architectures in Software Reuse"
    Cristina Gacek
    University of Southern California

    "Supporting Software Reuse within an Integrated Development Environment"
    Keith J. Ransom and Chris D. Marlin
    Flanders University of South Australia

03:00-03:15 Coffee Break

03:15-04:15 SESSION 5A:  Reuse Experiences and Experiments

    "Development of Reusable Expert System Components: Preliminary Experience"
    Wei Dai
    Telecom Australia Research Laboratories

    "Software Testability: An Experiment in Measuring Simulation Reusability"
    Jeffrey Voas, Jeffery Payne, J. Richard Mills, John McManus
    Reliable Software Technologies Corporation and NASA-Langley Research Center

03:15-04:15 SESSION 5B:  Concise Papers

    "Domain Modeling Methods and Environments"
    Hassan Gomaa
    George Mason University

    "Cohesion and Reuse in an Object-Oriented System"
    James M. Bieman and Byung-Kyoo Kang
    Colorado State University

    "Reuse of Requirements and Specifications: A Formal Framework"
    Carlos Paredes
    University of Lisbon

    "Supporting the Process of Satisfying Information Needs with Reusable
    Software Libraries: An Empirical Study"
    Scott R. Henninger
    University of Nebraska at Lincoln

NOTE: More information about the program will appear in the ICSE-17 WWW
pages and FTP site.  For further information, contact Mansur Samadzadeh

Up  to date information about ICSE-17 and the co-located events can be
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  o  Seattle is 83.9 square miles in land area.
  o  Seattle's 1994 population is 531,400, with the greater
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