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 Refresh with VA/Assist Pro

I am running VAST and VA/Assist pro on a laptop and in the code browser,
there are 'droppings', areas of the text window in a class browser that are
not refreshed.  Several people have already had discussions with
Instantiations about it but the problem could not be reproduced.

My laptop has an s3 video graphics card and my feeling is that it is a
hardware/software problem.  The text box of the classes browser is not
refreshed where there are tabs, to the left of a tab.

I have updated win 2000 to all the latest patches and service packs and
updated the video driver to the latest from the S3 web page but it did not

Does anyone know where the method is that actually does the refreshing of
the text box in a class browser when va assist pro is turned on?  When it is
is disabled, there is not problem.



Tue, 25 Oct 2005 12:18:58 GMT  
 Refresh with VA/Assist Pro
That code did the trick!  Thanks . . .


Sun, 30 Oct 2005 13:04:57 GMT  
 Refresh with VA/Assist Pro
Just as a side note, another person got a Thinkpad T30 a few days ago.  It
has an ATI Radeon Mobility 7500 (I think that is correct) card and has the
same problem as the S3 video card on the older Thinkpads.  So, it must have
something to do with either the setup or the hardware/firmware, dunno.


Mon, 31 Oct 2005 08:28:46 GMT  
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