D5 Package changes and SmalltalkWorkspaceDocument display name oddness... 
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 D5 Package changes and SmalltalkWorkspaceDocument display name oddness...

I was going to report the fact that classes change flags are not set to
false upon a package save as a quirk.  However ever looking at Dolphin 4 it
looks like it might behave similarly.  So perhaps the only difference is
that I now notice this condition whereas before I did not.  Should the
change flags of the contents of a package be set to false when the package
is saved?  I suppose this has something to do with a file based source
control system.  Perhaps the option to reset package changes should be

My second point may be more valid I think.  I have a goodie that extends
SmalltalkWorkspaceDocument by adding a method.  In the package browser on
the methods tab the SmalltalkWorkspaceDocument identified itself as
Workspace, however no such class exists.  This initially made me quite
concerned that my image was all messed up.  However this behavior is
explained by the SmalltalkWorkspaceDocument class side displayOn: method.
There may be a good reason for this, and apparently it behaved the same way
in the D4, I just noticed it.  At a minimum others should be aware of it.
Perhaps the class column could send name (or printString) to the class to
ensure it shows a real class name, and not a "friendly" name.


Tue, 26 Oct 2004 05:05:00 GMT  
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