gnu smalltalk vs st/v vs digitalk 
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 gnu smalltalk vs st/v vs digitalk

i have formerly programmed st/v on a PC and st-80 on a Sun and now am  
thinking about Smalltalk again.

i liked digitalk better for their tech support (no longer free) and the  
abundance of code i could download.  i liked parcplace because it used  
unix and had developer support (tigre and sybase) but it is far too  
expensive.  i had hoped digitalk would come out with a Sparc version, but  
they are forever dragging their heels.

this leads into my main question, how does gnu smalltalk compare with the  
other brands?  does anyone out there use it?  does it have all the classes  
and tools, de{*filter*} and window objects?  how does it compare  
performance-wise?  can one do unix commands, or call c programs?

has anyone used it on a major project?


Joe Alotta
First Chicago Corp.


"The heart is deceitful above all things and beyond cure."   Jer 17:9 NIV

Sat, 17 Dec 1994 22:39:21 GMT  
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