Employment Opportunities with JumpStart Systems Inc. 
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 Employment Opportunities with JumpStart Systems Inc.

As a proven leader in object technology, JumpStart Systems is committed
to the success of its customers as we work together in the development
of business solutions.  We are scaling up and bringing new and different
solutions to our customers.  We need talented, self-motivated
individuals like you to help us reach our goals.

We emphasize the use of object technology within organizations to
accelerate the integration of business processes with information
systems.  Our consultants, from the most junior member up through
management, have extensive experience in delivering applications.  This
enables us to provide a wide range of quality services and expertise in:

Application Development
Object-Oriented Analysis and Design
Object-Oriented Process and Design Integration
Quality Assurance
Configuration Management
Object-Oriented Project Management

Our technologists are the best and you can become part of our team too.
We are very focused on the needs of our staff and those of her or his
family.  Travel is a major part of our consulting model, but we are very
compassionate for the road warrior lifestyle and offer many flexible
options.  We provide high quality project engagements that are rewarding
and productive.  There is opportunity to grow both technically and
professionally into roles from developer to project manager.  We provide
training benefits and work with you to meet your specific career goals.
At JumpStart, you are part of a group of individuals committed to being

If we've gotten your attention and you can demonstrate:

Experience in 1 or more dialects of Smalltalk, specifically,
VisualAge/IBM Smalltalk, VisualWorks, or Visual Smalltalk
Well-versed and knowledgeable in the use of object oriented analysis
and design techniques
The desire to be challenged and the willingness to learn new skills
The desire to work with a team
The ability and willingness to travel
Experience with object databases would be helpful
A proven track record managing object oriented projects would be a

We pride ourselves on being successful and that means you will be too!
Come join the team that is making a difference and believes in its

JumpStart offers full-time employment, competitive salaries, and an
excellent benefits package.  We do not sub-contract or hire on an hourly
basis.  Relocation is not required. EOE.

JumpStart Systems Inc.
1312 Annapolis Drive, Suite 204
Raleigh, NC  27608

Attn:  Pam Barbour
Fax:  919.832.0790
Phone: 919.832.0490

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