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 "Jobs - Visual Age ST Seattle"

Immediate Openings: Visual Age Smalltalk Consultants in Seattle

Salient Corporation, "Specialists in OO Technology" since 1990,
has three openings for VAST-qualified consultants.

Visual Age for Smalltalk experience in a client-server
environment is highly desirable; Visual Banker experience is a
plus, though not essential.  Visual Age Associate Certified
candidates having little direct VA experience, but with several
years of Smalltalk OOA/D/P experience, will also be considered.  

These positions are regular, full-time positions with Salient.  
The initial posting will be for 3-12 months, in Seattle WA.  
Future assignments may require travel.  Salary range is $80-130K,
depending upon experience.  Candidates not living in the Seattle
area are invited to apply and will be given a liberal travel and
expense allowance.

Send ascii resume in confidence via email to

Wed, 18 Jun 1902 08:00:00 GMT  
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