Simple View Composer Enhancement Suggestions 
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 Simple View Composer Enhancement Suggestions

I would like to offer some simple View Composer suggestions:

1. When working with FramingConstraints for a sub view if I change the
framing type (i.e #relativeParentHeight) it uses the existing offset, even
though that offset may not make sense for the new framing type.  Often this
sticks the sub view in an odd location, and I have to reposition it.  Since
I don't yet have a great deal of experience with the FramingLayout I tend to
use trial and error to find the right settings.  I would like to suggest
that the FramingConstraints recalculate the offset based on the previous
type when the framing type has been changed.  I think this would make it
much easier to find the correct framing settings with out the view going all
over the place.

2. The tree view part of  the Published Aspect Inspector does not refresh
when changes are made to the value and saved via hitting Ctrl-S, or
switching to another value in the tree.  I have just about become used to
this quirk, and have developed a habit of forcing a refresh just to make
sure my changes took effect.  Actually I think this only relates to certain
kinds of aspects, perhaps just numbers or maybe sub-attributes.  The offset
numbers for the FramingConstraints exhibit this issue.

Just some ideas...


Sat, 28 Jun 2003 12:15:44 GMT  
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