Smalltalk P/A position Orange Country, CA 
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 Smalltalk P/A position Orange Country, CA

Position:  Senior Programmer/Analyst

Must have strong Smalltalk programming skills.

This individual will perform all phases of the application software
development life cycle, including analyzing, coding, and testing, and
will mentor junior programmers.   Company has a number of very large
SMALLTALK application systems.

Multi-platform environment and DBMS interfaces.
are transparent to the programmers.

Salary:  $75-90k, plus XLNT benefits (may go higher) for expert
Please include contact info.
This is a perm position with client.
Company may relocate to Irvine, CA
Please call or write for more info on this position.
If this is posted in the wrong forum please forgive me.


Alan Field
Senior Account Manager
Leading Edge Consulting, Inc.
(310) 822-7557 X 14

Sat, 06 Mar 2004 07:42:57 GMT  
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