JWARS at OOPSLA or why did the tank drive up te river 
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 JWARS at OOPSLA or why did the tank drive up te river

Several people asked me after the JWARS demo why the tank
could go
up the river. The short answer is that I simply gave the
tank the ship's
movement orders and it executed them.

The better answer is that each battleSpaceEntity does know
"type" (there's that word again) it is - either Land, Sea,
or Air.  As we
get more of the environment and terrain integrated into
will have more realistic interactions between them and the
battleSpaceEntitys, and tanks will "know" that they can't
drive on

Thank you all for coming. Be careful with those magnets.

PS  JWARS is still hiring US citizens for full-time onsite
positions in the
Washington, DC area.  Email me if interested.

Donald M. MacQueen
Registered Smalltalk Bigot
I've tried the rest, now I use the best -- Smalltalk!

Sat, 27 Apr 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
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