How to make VW TimeZone use the system time zone automatically 
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 How to make VW TimeZone use the system time zone automatically

I'm using VisualWorks 2.0 on a Unix system and to my surprise, when I
changed the TimeZone on my Unix system, VisualWorks didn't change its
local time to the new TimeZone.

I've RTFM on how to manually change the default TimeZone.
What I want my image to do is check the system for the local timezime
and adjust itself accordingly.  Have I overlooked something?

Should I just  make a Unix system call to `date '+%H'`
with and without -u(hp-ux) or -z(sun) and then subtract to
get the correct offset from GMT?  Is their something easier to do?
(like submit an AR to PP? :-)

Timothy Aanerud

Mon, 07 Sep 1998 03:00:00 GMT  
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