DST - VW2.0 - B &W TCP incompatibilty ? 
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 DST - VW2.0 - B &W TCP incompatibilty ?

We are working with Distributed Smalltalk.  We have just recieved Ver 4.0
of DST for the PC.  When we try to use the Hp_DST demos we see very, very
poor system performance.  Emperically this seems to be when DST is
trying to recognise an incoming event over the network.

We are running Beame and Whiteside TCP (Ver 3.1 and 3.0).

However, the problem is not an obvious and simple one ....

We have tested basic VW2.0 socket IO with Beame and Whiteside and that
seems to be fine.

We have also tried putting NEWT (NetManage Chameleon TCP stack) on the PC
and then DST works fine (just as it does on the Sun's).

Is anybody doing socket IO from VW2.0 over Beame and Whiteside ?  Any
problems ??

Does anyone else have DST running on a PC ? If so what TCP stack etc ??

Many thanks in advance.


Andy Moorley      Cumulus Systems Ltd, Rickmansworth, Hertfordshire, UK

     "Defining chaos as non-linear mathematics is like defining zoology
      as non-elephant biology" - Stanislaw Ulam.

Tue, 24 Jun 1997 22:51:37 GMT  
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