Print # in VB = ? in Delphi 
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 Print # in VB = ? in Delphi

Hello...I am trying to convert a proggie I made in VB to delphi. The
Program creates a document depending on the choices the user
is a rather simple progrma filled with case statements and Open and
Print # statements...BUT, how do I write to a file in Delphi? It's not
the memo.lines function..I'm trying to do this in delphi
(The following is mock-up VB)
print #2, "blablabla"
if foo then
print #2, "bla"
print #2, "bar"
end if

How can I simple do the above in Delphi? I searched my books and the
Help files and couldn't find anything having to do with file writing
except INI procedures and the Memo.lines's probably so
obvious..I missed it...TIA

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