Meaning of ERROR 204. 
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 Meaning of ERROR 204.


> Please,anybody can tell me what mean this:
> "
>      Error 204: Invalid pointer operation

> This error is reported by Dispose or FreeMem
> if the pointer is nil or points to a
> location outside the heap, or if the free
> list cannot be expanded.

I suggest you study the basics of pointers.
chapter FAQ, "Turbo Pascal memory, Ponter primer",
"Dynamic arrays" and the links which you find there
to more pointer primers.

Dispose and Freemem are procedures which give back
a memory block (thankfully) which you first obtained
from the heap (a more or less big memory pool) with
the New or GetMem procedures.

The pointers are your "handles" in the program, to
hold the address of the obtained memory block. It
must be returned to the heap pool after usage.

Franz Glaser

Wed, 18 Jun 1902 08:00:00 GMT  
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