Borland Pascal With Objects Programming Suite 
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 Borland Pascal With Objects Programming Suite


The High-Productivity Professional
Development System For Pascal
Version 7.0 (WIN/DOS)

3.5 HD diskettes (orginal copy (never used), extra copy)
Extras included, Application Frameworks Source Code
                            DOS Extender (royalty-free)

Borland Pascal Compiler

     * DPMI application creation
     * More than 85,000 lines-per-minute compile speed*
     * Full access to all Windows functions and messages
     * Dynamic Link Libraries for DOS and Windows
     * C, C++ code can be linked as DLLs
     * Built-in assembler for speed and control
     * Math coprocessor and emulator support
     * Smart linker to remove unused objects and code
     * Public, private, and inherited keywords
     * Open array and string parameters
     * Constant parameters
     * 80386 instructions for 32-bit math operations
     * Optimized sets
     * Redundant load/store suppression
     * Faster string and file operations
     * Unlimited unit nesting


    * DOS and Windows Integrated Development Environments
          - Color syntax highlighting
          - Unlimited Undo/Redo
          - Target DOS, DPMI, or Windows
          - ObjectBrowser
          - On-line Turbo Help (hypertext system)
     * Command line compiler
     * Turbo De{*filter*}
     * Turbo Profiler
     * Turbo Assembler
     * Resource Workshop
     * Winsight/Winspector
     * Resource compiler
     * Help compiler
     * Windows Crt Unit
     * No Windows SDK required

Application Frameworks

     * Turbo Vision for DOS
     * ObjectWindows for Windows
     * Complete source code
     * Persistent objects
     * High-level objects
          - Application
          - Window, scroll bar, butons
          - Editor, standard dialogs
          - Mouse and keyboard support
          - Validated data input
          - Demostration programs
          - Windows printer objects
          - Complete tutorials

Complete Documentation

    * More than 3,500 pages of documentation, including;
          - User's Guide
          - Language Guide
          - Programmer's Reference
          - ObjectWindows Guide
          - Turbo Vision Guide
          - Tools Guide
          - Resource Workshop User's Guide
          - Turbo De{*filter*}
          - Turbo Profiler User's Guide
          - Turbo Assemblers User's Guide
          - Assembler Quick Reference

At this point the asking price is $150 plus shipping!  The box weighs about
15 pounds.  I will however entertain any serious offers.  The package

Wed, 18 Jun 1902 08:00:00 GMT  
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