Graphics, TPW, The WinCRT unit & objectWindows 
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 Graphics, TPW, The WinCRT unit & objectWindows

Ummm, I need some help.
At present, I have a line-based program running in TPW, using only the WinCRT unit.
It is a text-based adventure-game. Now I've run into difficulties - its finished but
I can't seem to add any graphics, or colour, or anything fancy at all. So I
experimented with ObjectWindows, and so far I can make a window, I can make resources
with Resource-editor, and I can make Bitmaps, but I have trouble displaying any Bitmaps
in my program.
The arrangement I have now, is I have a 'Title-page'-Window appear, which will have my
title-page bitmap in it. Once a player clicks in the window, he is into the WinCRT
window, and plays it just with the keyboard.
When he plays the game, he simply presses keys, which correspond to different options.

So my questions:
1) Is their any way to implement graphics or colour in the WinCRT unit, or without
mucking around with ObjectWindows?
2) If I have a simple blank window, which is my 'title page', how do I display a bitmap
in there?
3) Can I make a dialog box, or something resembling a row of buttons, which a players
can simply click, to select an option?
4) Can I make a menu, which a player can use to look at his stats, save & load the game,
or get help?

I'm asking for a lot, but you aren't obligated to answer any or all of these questions.
If you do help me though, I'd be very happy.

Wed, 18 Jun 1902 08:00:00 GMT  
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