Inside Turbo Pascal 5.5 TPU units structure, W.Peavy 
Author Message Inside Turbo Pascal 5.5 TPU units structure, W.Peavy

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: Date: Sun, 16 Nov 1997 18:00:28 GMT

: Subject: Inside turbo Pascal 5.5 units.
: File name:
: One line description: INSIDE TURBO PASCAL 5.5 UNITS
: Replaces:
: Suggested Garbo directory: /pc/turbo55

: Author or company: William L. Peavy

: Surface address:
: Special requirements:
: Shareware payment required from private users: n
: Shareware payment required from corporates: n
: Distribution limitations:
: Garbo CD-ROM distribution allowed without preconditions: y
: Demo: n
: Nagware: n
: Self-documenting: n
: External documentation included: y
: Source included: y
: Size: 120345
: 10 lines description:
:             This document  provides a  revised report on researches into
: the structure  and content  of Unit (.TPU) files produced by Turbo
: Pascal  (version 5.5)  from Borland International.  No assurances are
: possible regarding  when (if  ever)  further updates will be available
: so the material is released to the Turbo Pascal  user community  in its
: admittedly  imcomplete state since  very little of consequence really
: remains to be done.
: Long description:

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