Vesa unit for all 256 and 65K color modes (protected,real mode) 
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 Vesa unit for all 256 and 65K color modes (protected,real mode)

Ive recently finished a Vesa Unit, that supports :

 - real and protected mode
 - all 256, 32K and 64K colors modes.
 - 32 Bit Bitblt to Graphics memory
 - Fast overlay routines ( 0 is transparent )
 - Putpixel, Getpixel, Line, Bar, Rectangle, Circle, Ellipse,
   FilledCircle, FilledEllipse, extremly fast horizontal and vertical
   line functions
 - very easy interface e.g. Set a mode by
     VesaSetMode( xResolution, yResolution, BitsPerPixel)
     Never again you have to remember mode numbers
 - Text - Output
 - same interface for all modes
 - The only thing you need is a vesa compaible video card or
   a vesa driver

Im thinking about selling it with a mouse unit :

- 256/32k/65k colors Mouse-pointer

and a paint-programm to edit images in 256 colors.
Capable of storing multiple images in one file.

and last but not least, a unit to load these files and display them.
It includes many functions to modify and display images.

  The Images are easy to use :

    Imagecol : TImageCol;
    Image : PImage;

      { Initializes the dynamic array of Images and loads
        the images into memory }
      { Nr : Number of the Image in the file }

all three units together will be 40$ or 60DM.

If there is enough interest, I will install a link on my homepage to
download demos of the units.
But these units will be no shareware, because Im not so sure people
will pay.

Sources could be included at a higher price (just contact me).

Tell me , what you think about the capabilities, prices, etc



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