ANN: SoundLib 2a3 for BP7&FPC released 
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 ANN: SoundLib 2a3 for BP7&FPC released


If you sometimes thought, BP7 is too limiting for you
and you still need sound support, here's the solution:
SoundLib2 a3 has been released and it does now also support
FPC! You can obtain the compiler at

Unfortunately - I'm not very familiar with FPC - the
FPC version still contains some bugs and hasn't been
optimized yet (MOD playback takes about three times more
CPU power). The wave-playback from hard disk doesn't work
either. I wasn't able yet to encounter the problem.
See this version as a start, as experimental.
Any help appreciated for fixing bugs!

Changes in this new version:
- XM support improved (still not all instruments will work correct)
- some useful procedures implemented
- BP version uses less CPU time
- Soundblaster driver improved, silent driver added
- SL2 works now perfect together with GX2
- Bug fixes, 2 more demo programs

Download SoundLib2 here: http://www.*-*-*.com/

Who doesn't know what SoundLib2 is:
SL2 is a complete 32 bits mixing library, it features:

- full SoundBlaster support - works with every ISA SB and compatible
- up to 256 independent channels
- a MOD- and S3M-Player (works with nearly every file; perfect sound!)
- an XM-Player (not always correct, have too less docs)
- automatic samplerate conversion (much more independent than v 1.x,
- pitch control, looping
- Dolby Pro Logic support (Surround)
- Borland Pascal Help file
- Plays WAV, VOC, RAW, MOD, S3M and XM files

Have fun with it!

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Sat, 02 Aug 2003 20:00:51 GMT  
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