how to copy buffer 640x480x256 to a000 
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 how to copy buffer 640x480x256 to a000

Hi everyone,

About pageflipping in Vesa mode, I'd like to know to do fast pageflipping
in VESAMode. This is mostly done in PM creating a buffer of 640x480 (=256
colors) and copy each individual 64k to screen memory and perform a
bankswitch every time. My routine when updating the screen that has been
modified doesn't really work execellent, and I'm considering this idea.
Anybody has this implementation in ASM or Pascal source.
(copy 64k to screen, bankswitch and start copying again ,for 640x480 this
are only 4 bankswitches I thaught plus writing to ram is faster.)

Any ideas, implem. greatly appreciated, (planning to release a
sprite-vesa unit into public with this implementation).I've a sprite unit
already with the updating what's touched. but I like the other method!
Interested in the unit - I don't mind to share.


Patrick Eradus

Wed, 18 Jun 1902 08:00:00 GMT  
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