Build permanent help index for IDE? 
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 Build permanent help index for IDE?

For one of my jobs, I spend a lot of time working on a truly ancient piece of
junk with a SLOW hard drive.  ( IBM PS/2 model 70 for those who want to know.)

If it is at all possible to do, what I would like to do is avoid having to
wait forever every time the help index gets "built" the first time I use
help after starting the IDE.  Seems to me that all the IDE should have to do
is load an index from the hard drive when it starts up, rather that

change, why create a new index all the time instead of re-using the last one?

On a 486 or Pentium with a good hard drive, the wait is nothing much, but on
this clunker it drives me up the wall - and that clunker is what I'm stuck
with for that job.  I estimate that waiting for the help index to be built
wastes at LEAST 2.5 mins * 8 times/day * 5 days/week = 1.67 hours/week.

Well, I've taken care of the whine - whose responsible for bringing the
women and song?


Wed, 18 Jun 1902 08:00:00 GMT  
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