Why does BPW cursor go ballistic in Win95? 
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 Why does BPW cursor go ballistic in Win95?

I saw this same question posted on March 14 in this group.  Unfortunately, I
didn't see any answers posted.  

PLEASE, someone out there *must* have the answer.  This happens when BPW 7 is
run on Win95 or WinNT.  The IDE starts up fine but as soon as the focus is
moved to another app or to the desktop the cursor starts to flicker very
rapidly.  From then on the cursor does this everywhere, in every Windows or
Dos app, until the machine is rebooted.  

I have to work with BPW almost every day at my job and the strobing cursor is
driving me *nuts*!  Will someone please have pity on me and post the solution
to this hideous annoyance?



Wed, 18 Jun 1902 08:00:00 GMT  
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