Problems using Exitpr 
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 Problems using Exitpr

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 In> Dear fellow TP (7.0)-programmers,

 In> program kill_the_stack;

 In> This compiles just fine (barring typing errors) and with a suitably
 In> large value of i causes a runtime error 202. However, I never see my
 In> own '{*filter*}!' error message except on a normal termination. When there
 In> is a stack overflow error, I only see the TPs error message. The error
 In> address points to the beginning of the routine 'own_exit'. What am I
 In> doing wrong? Any ideas/help is much appreciated. Thanks in advance,

 In> Jyrki

 KF> You need to check ExitCode and ErrorAddr in your exit procedure, and
 KF> only do your exit stuff if ErrorAddr is not Nil. If you also check
 KF> ExitCode then it will tell you whether your program terminated normally
 KF> or not (0 = not normal).

OOPS!!! My mistake! If ExitCode does NOT equal 0 then the program did not
terminate normally.


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