complex math with poi 
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 complex math with poi

 In> I'm trying to do complex math with pointers - the only way to do it, I
 In> believe. Below is what I've got (which should work). The question is,
 In> can it be done in a better/smarter way (please leave OOP out of this),
 In> perhaps just some things that are obsolete or whatever. Especially I
 In> was dissapointed to find out, that I had to "hand over" the contents
 In> between pointers instead of simply handing over the pointer address
 In> (somehow I seem to think that is much smarter, but it doesn't work that
 In> way).

It *does* work that way, when you pass parameters by reference using the
VAR keyword:

 In> function add(var x1,x2 : complex) : complex;


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