Memory Allocation Errors (Simon Watkins) 
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 Memory Allocation Errors (Simon Watkins)

  Does anyone out there have any experience with trapping memory
allocation errors in TP7??????
  I am writing a data base (and game-worker-outerer) for a tennis club
and am making use of a polymorphic link-lister unit I wrote.  This
unit enables me to enter any type of object into a link list so long
as it is a decendant of TLINK.  The program had been working fine up
'til recently.  I have been writing it in TPX.exe and accasionly using
watches and step-throughs to locate logical bugs, with much success.
Suddenly however, I would get 'exception 0004, Memory allocation
error, unable to load, system halted' errors WHILE
STEPPING THROUGH.  This error occurs in the IDE and not in my
program..if I run it, it works normally, with the same amount of
memory being available after runtime as before, so I am sure my
program isn't a fault.  I later tried it in Turbo.exe and it didn't

 * What EXACTLY causes a 'memory allocation error', important memory
being freed when it shouldn't, no memory left (plenty was left
though)...WHY AM I GETTING IT?
* Why only in TPX?
* Is my program it my fault or Borland's?
* I am using Turbo Pascal 7
* Does anyone have a ball-point pen to lend me?
* Ignore last point.
* The error is not consistant and takes place at a number of points in
my prog.  The position that the error occurs at (ie. The value of CS
and IP) are in TPX itself, not my program.

****Please Help Me!!!!  Any help or comments at all will be gratefully
-=-=-Simon Watkins-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-
I have implemented a new mail sorting system :

-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Thanx -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-

Wed, 18 Jun 1902 08:00:00 GMT  
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