Serial port probs/Flow control/Faxing 
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 Serial port probs/Flow control/Faxing

Hello again all!

Well, I still haven't had any joy in getting my Pascal fax program
working on other fax modems :(

I have tried 4 different serial units now but still no luck.

Whenever I send a page from my program the receiving fax just stutters
out a few blank lines then hangs up with a 'LINE ERROR 5'.

I think it is still something to do with the flow control latency,
however after trying 4 different TPU units, (the last two handling
flow control in assembler for speed) I'm at a loss as to what I can do
to the following pascal code :

      while fcount < flen do

         if outbyte = 16 then
                comwritechw(def_port,char(16)); { <DLE> pairing }

      comwritechw(def_port,char(16)); { send <DLE> }
      comwritechw(def_port,char(3));  { send <ETX> }

This is despite purchasing and reading/re-reading the relevant
sections of 'The FAX Modem Sourcebook' ...

The above code works on one particular class 2 fax modem only, but  it
DOES work.

Any ideas anyone ?

Che Rowley

Che Rowley

Wed, 18 Jun 1902 08:00:00 GMT  
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