Need Turbo Pascal Programming 101 Disk 
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 Need Turbo Pascal Programming 101 Disk

I have this book from back in the old days when I was first learning
TP but I have lost the disk(s) that came with it.  I now want to give
the book to my kids to use and it would be nice to have the files that
came with it.  Does anyone know where I can come up with them?

I checked on SAMS ftp & http and on Charlie Calvert's Borland site but
they're not available that I could find.  I looked on Google and found
the book and disk to buy but I don't need another copy of the book.

The book I have is ISBN 0-672-30285-3 and the only author listed is
Charles Calvert - most of the ones I've seen listed have Virk as
coauthor - I don't know if there is a difference.

Thanks in advance for any help...

Mon, 16 Aug 2004 05:38:44 GMT  
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