Help: SB/Adlib pleeeeeeze???? 
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 Help: SB/Adlib pleeeeeeze????

I have a program that uses CRT.Sound/NoSound for music...  I need to make
this thing work over the SB cards.  I've seen docs on the SB written by a
number of sources, but none of it made sense...  It was suggested that I
might be after something for FM music for the SB or Adlib cards...

I need something that will play a sound by being passed a parameter for
the frequency to be played...  I know this CAN be done, but how do I do
it?  I have never tried to work with the sound card before...  <Except a
failed attempt to figure out ScreamTracker 3.2!>  =>

I am reading dynamic data, so this almost MUST be able to take in a
frequency, or at least be able to convert one...  *ANY* help would be more
than appreciated...

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Wed, 18 Jun 1902 08:00:00 GMT  
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