Q : Help with fpk and blockread 
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 Q : Help with fpk and blockread

   Hi there.  I just recently downloaded fpk-Pascal 0.6.2 (or is it
0.62?).  It seems like a very good pascal compiler and I look forward to
compiling the programs I currently use (written in TP 7.0) under it.  
However, I have run across a few problems.  The first problem has to do
with blockread.  Whenever I try to compile a program under FPK that uses
blockread I get one of two errors : 1) Don't know which overlayed
function to call or 2) var parameters for function must match exactly.  
If I try to fix one by changing something randomly, I get the other.  
Anyone out there gotten around this?  Is there a better command to use
that FPK does support?  Any help would be appreciated.  

  Also, this seemed to be the most appropriate newsgroup for this
question.  If there is a FPK news group, I have missed it and would
invite someone to tell me its name.  ;)  Thanx..


Wed, 18 Jun 1902 08:00:00 GMT  
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