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> Hi, I'm a mathematician (of sorts) and want to get into programming for my
> subject. Is this a good language to use. I want to do numerical calculations
> (no algebra necessarily) and be able to draw fractals with colour. Please
> respond with any pointers in the right direction. And how to get started.

You can do your job in Pascal and in several other languages too!

About Pascal ---

In the stone age, say in the 60ies, the high level language for
mathematicians was ALGOL, and for engineers it was fortran. Fortran has
got a pauper version named BASIC.

ALGOL was principally created as a language to describe algorithms by
the famous mathematicians Backus, Glenshaw, Miller, Naur, Woodger
It was later found that it was ideal to build a compiler for ALGOL, so
that computers could "understand" the algorithm descriptions as well.
ALGOL is a perfectly structured,
procedural language, but it is not used now very frequently.

In the early 70ies the Swiss Professor Niclaus Wirth of the ETH
developed Pascal as an easy to use version of ALGOL, later Modula 2 and
Oberon (and other languages which I do not remember) were created by
Prof. Wirth. All are very well structured and use stringent type
checking and more "latin" benefits.

C was intended for system level programming, it was invented to write
the Unix kernel.
Now it is misused primarily for Windows programming and other senseless

But I doubt that you as a mathematician need this kind of information
really, it seems that you simply launched a balloon! Correct? Why this
terrible x-posting?

More info about Pascal:
http://www.*-*-*.com/ ~franzglaser/tp.html

Franz Glaser

Wed, 18 Jun 1902 08:00:00 GMT  
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