(un)fun with tabbed dialogs/child dialogs/buttons 
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 (un)fun with tabbed dialogs/child dialogs/buttons

Hi.  I wrote my own little set of objects for tabbed dialogs (BPW).  The
dialog is a normal dialog, and it's .setupwindow creates a TWindow, which
draws the tabs and the border & handles the tab selection.  Finally, there
are a number of 'panes', which represent each 'tab'.  With me so far?

OK, the problem is that if I stick buttons on the 'panes', they get drawn
as default buttons (when you click them), and don't get redrawn as normal
buttons once you let go - so you get a whole load of default buttons, and
at best there will always be two (a button in the pane, and the 'OK' button
in the main dialog) like this.

So : what should I do to fix the problem?  How about forcing a button to be
normal? I'd really appreciate any help on this one, I'm stuck.



Will Bryant

Wed, 18 Jun 1902 08:00:00 GMT  
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