Patch for Graph Unit of fast PCs 
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 Patch for Graph Unit of fast PCs


my name is Jakub Albrecht and I'm from Czech republic, but
I have had the problem, if you would have something new about this
(graph unit on PII or III) I'll be happy if you'll share with me.

Jakub Albrecht

> I need to obtain the patch for the Turbo Pascal 7 Dos Graph unit that
> prevents error 200 when running on recent PCs  Can someone point in the
> right direction to obtain this patch or the necessary updated Graph unit.

> (at)

> Thanks in advance

> Bernard Green
> Proprietor / Consultant
> Syemon Electronic Solutions
> Sharnbrook. Bedfordshire  MK44 1PS

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Thu, 22 Jul 2004 16:14:12 GMT  
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