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 Store Terminal


> I wrote my computer science practical yesterday.  The Last question was
> about a store:

>     A person wanted to buy goods to the value of R27.20 exactly.
>     Sodas : 0.59
>     chips: 0.79
>     burgers: 1.29
>     It asked to show all the possible combinations.
>     It also hinted to use three FOR loops

> I don't have a clue

> Ryan

     Suppose I gave you R27.20, and asked you to spend (all, or as much as
you could of) it on sodas, chips, and burgers (let's say I was VERY
hungry).  How many of each of the three items (how many FOR loops were
there in the hint?) could you buy with that money?  Think about actually
carrying out the transaction ...  Once you get the idea (i.e. the
"algorithm"), coding it in Pascal should be extremely simple.

Bob Schor
Pascal Enthusiast

Wed, 18 Jun 1902 08:00:00 GMT  
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