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 Array Feature in Pascal


I've got the urgent problem in my quiz project..
I don't know how to pending it and using 2-dimension array apply on it.

P.S. Maybe anybody.. 's similar the project coding..can make me reference..
Thanks for your kind attention.

Program Specification

Title : Date Matching Service


To design and code a menu-driven program which will accept particulars of
one source individual and calculate his percentage compatibility with two
target individual.

Input Specification

A Main Menu which allows you to select:
1. Particulars of Source Individual
2. Particulars of Target Individuals
3. Calculate & Display Compatibility
4. Exit

Sub-Menus which enable entry of the following particulars of both source and
target individual:

Name, Age, Sex (M/F), Height (cms), about five Yes/No type questions about
their preferences: e.g. Do you like dancing? , Do you like children? , Are
you Asian ? , Are you religious ? , etc.

Data of both individuals may be stored in three one-dimensional array, or in
one two-dimensional array. You may also use separate variables, but this is
a very inefficient way of programming.

Processing Requirements

You program must make comparisons about the data between the source and each
of the two target, and award points accordingly:

1. if sexes are equal, then 0% compatibility (no further comparison
2. if height of male ?V height of female < 0 then award zero point is
between 2 to 5 cm then more plus points is more than 5cm then less plus
3. similar to (2) for age
4. award plus points if both answer Yes/Yes or No/No to preferences,
otherwise zero points
5. You may get your program to award more points if you think questions are
more important, compared to another which is less important
6. Calculate the percentage compatibility, based on the actual score over
the maximum possible score x 100%
7. Calculate 1 to 5 for the second target individual
8. Compare both percentage compatibility and make recommendation.

Output Specifications

An output screen showing all three names, with clear indication as to who
are the source, the recommended target, and the other target. The percentage
compatibility of each must also be shown. The output screen must then ask
the user if he / she would like to make another comparison.

Further Improvements :

If  you are ambitious, you should incorporate some or all of the following
into your Date Matching Service System:

1. Allow entries of more than two target individuals, using two-dimensional
2. Instead of having only YES/NO answers, use a grading system ie.5 is
Strongly Agree, 4 Agree, 3 Sometimes, 2 Rarely, 1 Never, etc. This makes
your calculating the % compatibility more challenging (Hint: square the
difference of each item, then add then up, then divide by sum of the square
of max possible score).
3. Compare qualitative items like food preferences, religion preferences,
language preferences, etc. where your screen must show a list of choices for
each and the user can elect from them with arrow keys. e.g Food: Chinese,
Indian, Malay, Western, etc.

Notes: You should design and code your program by following the requirements
given in this specification ! DO NOT add extra details to your program !!
Learn to follow the program specification.

Wed, 18 Jun 1902 08:00:00 GMT  
 Array Feature in Pascal



>I've got the urgent problem in my quiz project..

OK. Think about how you are going to do this if you had only pen and
paper available to you.

[1] What would you need to do to accomplish this and in what order.

[2] Write these steps down in the correct order and think about them.

[3] How are you going to accomplish each of these steps ?

[4] For each step go back to [1] unless you cannot simplify further.
Also check, for each step you want to simplify, if you have already
written the code you need.

[5] When you reach here then you have pseudo-code of each step. Go to [6]
Note: each 'step' will be a procedure or function.

[6] Code your program based on the pen and paper outline. Go to [7]

[7] Test program and note any bugs. Go to [8] for bugs or [10] if none.

[8] Eliminate bug. With postable code, newsgroup is likely to help. Go to [9]

[9] If program works fine then go to [10] else go to [7]

[10] Your program works as expected. Hand in.


Wed, 18 Jun 1902 08:00:00 GMT  
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