Mouse unit for Turbo Pascal 7.0, w/src, T.Horatiu 
Author Message Mouse unit for Turbo Pascal 7.0, w/src, T.Horatiu

Thank you for your contribution. This upload is now available as
 25117 Jan 23 21:37

: Date: Fri, 24 Jan 1997 11:58:10 +0200 (GMT+0200)

: Subject: PASMOUSE.ZIP Powerful mouse unit for TP 7.0
: File name: PASMOUSE.ZIP
: One line description:
: Powerful mouse unit for TP 7.0, full source, docum, demos
: Replaces: none
: Suggested Garbo directory: pc/turbopas

: Author or company: Tanescu A. Horatiu

: Surface address: Kogalniceanu 1, Oradea, Romania
: Special requirements: mouse, a Microsoft compatible mouse driver
: Shareware payment required from private users: No
: Shareware payment required from corporates: No
: Distribution limitations: No limitations
: Garbo CD-ROM distribution allowed without preconditions: Yes
: Demo: No
: Nagware: No
: Self-documenting: Yes
: External documentation included: None
: Source included: Yes
: Size: 24Kb
: 10 lines description:
: Over 40 procedures and functions that implement almost all the functions
: of INT 33H (the mouse interrupt). Written using the Borland built-in
: assembler for speed and small code. Easy to use. Full source code
: included. Documentation manual. Interesting demos. Freeware.
: Long description:

   All the best, Timo


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