Problem with async interrupt handler 
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 Problem with async interrupt handler

Argh!  I wrote this little utility for our customers who couldn't
tell us what COM port their modem uses, much less what IRQ it's
set for.  It goes along COM1 - COM4, hooking the usual interrupts
up to a freeware async handler I found a while back, and sends
out ATZ until it gets OK back.

It's been working great... under ToolOfTheDevil'95.  I ran it
on my wife's Windows 3.1 setup without any trouble, too.  But
today I happened to reboot under DOS 6.22, and the blasted thing
stopped working.

When I put in some diagnostics to show me what's coming through
the COM port, it looks like it's timing out before the entire
OK gets in.

I'm not explaining the problem very well because I'm still
not clear on it myself... but if you know your way around
handling async communications under Turbo Pascal (mine is 7.0)
and wouldn't mind having a look at my source code, let me know
and I'll send it along with gratitude.

pbs, feeling like I got in over my head when I went
beyond "Hello, World"

If you reply by email, send it to pbs at com dot canada (or vice-versa).
all adverti{*filter*}ts will be returned to your postmaster, eh!

Wed, 18 Jun 1902 08:00:00 GMT  
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