ANN: Replacement CRT Unit and request for Source 
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 ANN: Replacement CRT Unit and request for Source

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>>Will source be available at some future date?

>I'm afraid not. Professional advice indicated that, as certain bits were
>not able to be changed - such as HighVideo, NormVideo, LowVideo and the
>interface to Int $10 - releasing source code that included these parts
>would probably breach the Borland Copyright, as it replaced on of their
>units, even though the code used would be likely deemed to be the
>standard way of approaching the requirements. The interface section of
>crt.pas could also not be released as this is Copyright Borland and
>could not be made available to anyone who did not already have the
>Although parts could be made available, it seems inappropriate to do so
>as they would be useless without the whole source.
>If Borland ever release the RTL in their museum I am advised that it
>would then be appropriate to release the source code.


Why not make the parts to the source that you created available, without the
Borland sections.  Hence, no copyright infrigment.


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