Linking lines and shapes 
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 Linking lines and shapes

At the moment I'm working on a CAD-system.
Does anyone know how I can link shapes together? These shapes must be
connected with straight lines on a grid.

When the end of a line approaches the border of a shape, a number of
round solid circles must appear, indicating the points on the border
that the line may link to (connect points). The number of connection
points is different for each shape.

The end of the line then must snap to the closest connect point and
the mouse cursor must change. Releasing the mouse while in this state
must establish a link between the line and the shape.

It must also be possible to delete lines and shapes. When deleting
shapes also the connecting lines must be deleted.

Moreover, it must be possible that the user can select one or more
shapes and move them. Of course, the shapes must stay connected.

It must also be possible that the user can click on any line to query
the value of that line.

Before I stop writing this mail, I have some final questions.
How can I make sure that the shapes do not overlap each other?
How can I define a grid, that the user can change?
How can I zoom the drawing?
How can I replace one shape with another at run-time?
And how can I make straight lines that snaps to the grid?

It would be great if someone could mail me an example of setting up
such a system. If someone has actually implemented such a system,
that would be even better.


Wed, 18 Jun 1902 08:00:00 GMT  
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