Help - Virtual Graphics Screen (320,000x200,000x256) 
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 Help - Virtual Graphics Screen (320,000x200,000x256)


> >I need some help with a game that I am programming. I need a virtual screen
> >that I can easily scroll, but it needs to be 320,000 x 200,000 in 256

hate to be a wet blanket but i think your being just a wee bit ambitious
this equates to about 1000000 mode $13 pages . Also if youg don't want any
disk accessing you will need 640mb. why not scale it down a bit to say
32,000 x 20,000. i know this doesn't answer your question but i
implemented something similar a defined a screen buffer .
drew to that then put that onto the screen.
{ this routine i did myself in assembler it's not that hard }

> >colors. Since this would probably take too much memory I was thinking of
> >breaking the whole screen down into a 10x10 grid and then just placing

10x10 is a bit small for background tiles a better size is 20x20 as the
bigger the tile the faster to fill up the screen because you don't have to
use as much excess code.

> Check out my page at http://www.*-*-*.com/
> for all you need to know about programming graphics. (Joking a bout ALL
> but my database is growing!)

>                                 Regards,
>                                Sander Heuvelmans.

i know this probably won't help much but if you do need the world that
large why not divide into separate worlds and completely load a world as
the player moves into it?


Wed, 18 Jun 1902 08:00:00 GMT  
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