need help with $DEFINE directive ... 
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 need help with $DEFINE directive ...

PC>What is a $DEFINE directive? The book talk about controlling Writeln
PC>using $IFDEF and $ENDIF complier directive.  Can you give example.

PC>Philip Chong

A simple example.... Say I wanted my program source code to compile in
one of two different versions, with one version being a debugging
version and the other being the final release. In the debugging version
I want to implement certain satements to help me debug it when I run it.
Here's how I might do it using $DEFINE's...



uses Crt;

   I: byte;

   for I := 1 to 255 do begin
      ... do some stuff here ...
      if I = 255 then WriteLn('Exiting FOR/DO loop...');
   end; more stuff here...

Now, as long as I have DEBUG defined at the top of the program, the code
between the $IFDEF - $ENDIF will compile and execute for me. To not have
it execute I would just put a space before the $DEFINE like so...


and that would turn it off, allowing me to compile and execute the
non-debugging program.

Get the idea?

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